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Double Cylinder Hydraulic Ironworker HIW-250 S/D-hydraulic ironworker, press brake, shearing machine, laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, bandsaw machine, plate rolling machine, metal spinning machine, gear hobbing machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, profile bending machine, lathe machine, milling machine, hole punching machine
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  • CNC Fiber laser cutting ,size 3015-4020 , with TRUMPF/IPG/RAYCUS(500W-4kw)
  • CNC Fiber laser cutting ,size 3015-4020 , with TRUMPF/IPG/RAYCUS(500W-4kw)
  • CNC Fiber laser cutting ,size 3015-4020 , with TRUMPF/IPG/RAYCUS(500W-4kw)
  • CNC Fiber laser cutting ,size 3015-4020 , with TRUMPF/IPG/RAYCUS(500W-4kw)
  • CNC Fiber laser cutting ,size 3015-4020 , with TRUMPF/IPG/RAYCUS(500W-4kw)
  • CNC Fiber laser cutting ,size 3015-4020 , with TRUMPF/IPG/RAYCUS(500W-4kw)

Double Cylinder Hydraulic Ironworker HIW-250 S/D

Fully Customizable Built to Order 250 Ton Hydraulic Punching Machine with Oversized Work Tables for Punching, Flat Bar, Angle Iron, Channel Iron and Pressing Custom Tooling. 22.04” Throat Depth. 3.93” Maximum Stroke Length. Up to 25 Strokes Per Minute.
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Main Function of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

HIW series industrial-grade hydraulic Iron Worker featuring multiple functions, including: Punch, Angle Shear, Flat Shear, Round/Square Bar Shear, Rec. Notch, V-Notch, Channel Shear, I beam shear, shearing T-bar, Press Brake, Angle Bending and Pipe Notching! It comes standard with: quick-change coupling nut & sleeve, squaring arm with scale, electronic back gauge, gauging table with stops, punching base table, safety guards and more.

Advantages for 250 Ton Ironworker





Automatic Holding System in angle and plate shearing station

The holders will fix the position of workpiece, in this way, the accuracy is better and more safety for workers meanwhile save time and Improve working efficiency

Temperature Cooling System

Through the temperature monitoring screen you can read the temperature of oil, 55 degree is our default configuration. Once the machine is working, oil temperature goeshigher than 55, the cooling system inside will run automatically to decrease temperature in order to protect machine


Based on HIW-250S, it is a Dual-working ironworker

Punching position and shearing position can work synchronously, which means two workers can work on this machine at the same time

HIW-250 Metal Ironworker Overview

Punching Station. Full range of punches and dies are available.

Notching Station

Profile Cutting station. Round bar/ Square bar/ C-channel/

I-beam or any other profile sizes could be customized

Tempeature Cooling system

Ironworker Testing

Machines in stock

Sold to our distributor

Machines to be delivered

Main Features of 250 Ton Hydraulic Ironworker
1. All the electrical parts are imported with CE certificate.
2. Professionally engineered design frame structures.
3. Steel welds with high precision strength and rigidity to eliminate vibrations.
4. Ironworker steel frame Q235 = American standard steel A306 GR55.
5. Hydraulic fuel tanks and ironworker frame built by our Factory.
6. Double hydraulic cylinders. Two Footswitches controlled work separately.
7. Easy Adjustable stroke control with ruler.
8. Indicator on hydraulic cylinder.
9. Electric back gauge auto stop.
10. Moveable working light that can be placed at any desired position.
11. Hydraulic system with overload protection system.
12. Emergency safety stop switch.
13. Large punching table with ruler guide.
14. Larger notching table with Ruler guide.
15. Large flat shearing table with Ruler guide.
16. Most important easy maintenance.

Machine Configuration

No. Item
1 Electrical Components
Schneider, French
2 Hydraulic Pump
Atos, Italy
3 Hydraulic Valve
Yuken, Japan
4 Hydraulic Seal
NOK, Japan
5 Travel Switch
Telemecanique, French
6 Motor
Weiteli, China

Standard Tools

(Five sets of punch and die, blades

will be installed on the machine)

1 set of Round Punch and Die

1 set of Angle Steel Cutting Blade

1 set of Round & Square bar Cutting Blade

1 set of Flat Bar Cutting Blade

1 set of Notching Blade

After-sales service

1. A user guide is included to assist with the machine installation and adjustment and help solve problems which may happen occasionally.

2. The HIW-250 ironworker machine will be adjusted one week prior to delivery to make sure it is in perfect condition

3. Technicians are available to guide the installation and adjustment on site. This service would be at buyer's expense, which includes the technician's salary, travelling expense, accommodation, consulting fee etc.

4. All customized punch and die, cutting blades are available.

Delivery time is 7 days.


1. We offer 13-month warranty for HIW-250 Hydraulic Ironworker Machine from the shipment date.

2. The warranty does not cover normally worn components

3. We will not be responsible for any damage caused by misuse, improper handling, negligent maintenance, intentional injury or other damages.




Hole Punching

Punching Pressure

280 Ton

2500 KN

Max. Punching Thickness



Max. Diameter of Punching



Depth of Throat



Max. Length of Cylinder Stroke



Stroke times (times/min)


Flat-bar Shearing

Angle of Shear

Max. Shearing Thickness



Flat Bar (WxT)

17.72" x 1.57"

450mm x 40mm

29.53" x 1.18"

750mm x 30mm

Angle Steel Shearing

90° Shearing of Equal Angle Steel

7.87" x 7.87" x .78"

200mm x 200mm x 20mm

45° Shearing of Equal Angle Steel

3.14" x 3.14" x .39"

80mm x 80mm x 10mm

Profile Steel Shearing





2.55" x 2.55"

65mm x 65mm


12.60" x 5.12" x .39"

320mm x 130mm x 10mm


12.60" x 3.62" x .47"

320mm x 92mm x 12mm











Material Tensile Strength

65,267 PSI

450 N/mm²

Motor Power

25 HP

18.5 KW

Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)

126" x 57" x 96.5"

3200mm x 1440mm x 2450mm

Gross Weight

28,220 lbs

12800 Kg

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